The Perfect Gentlemen’s Summer Outfit

Whats the best outfit for going to the park?


We’ve been talking to the people of London to find out what they consider to be the clothing and accessory items that can not only complete a well-rounded outfit, but make an individual stand out amongst a busy summer park.
We went to London’s Victoria and Hyde park and asked 200 park goers what they considered to be the most important feature of men’s summer fashion. It’s safe to say we received a wide array of answers ranging from what we consider to be the normal expected answer, to well… More bizarre answers such as “toe rings” and “leprechaun hats”.
Although, we’ve decided to list what our top 4 (by number) answers were.


An oxford shirt is perfect for the summer months


Surprising to us, we actually received 20 more answers being specific to oxford shirts over just the general term of “shirts”. We understood why though – with the pastel, clean-look oxford style, you’ll always be looking fresh. The ability to appear smart or casual at any time is the greatest asset of an oxford shirt. Simple put on a tie and change out of your shorts into trousers and you’ll be able to hop from a calm relaxing date in the park to a high end restaurant or business meeting without having to make a pit stop back to your bedroom.


Luxury socks can complete any outfit


Perhaps one of our most surprising feedback from the surveys was that socks was the most frequently received answer.
Socks, who would have guessed it… but after many conversations we grew to realise the importance of a great pair of socks. With companies such as London Sock Company manufacturing unique luxury mens socks for all occasions it’s easy to realise why the popularity of socks place in fashion is increasing. Especially with the switch from trousers to shorts in summer months.


Get the right bag


There’s no point preparing the perfect outfit for a summer outing if you are going to be wearing an unattractive bag to draw the attention away from your efforts. Particularly feedback from females suggests that they think highly of a man who has a good choice in rucksacks. One name of a bag manufacturer which came up frequently was Kånken, who design box shaped, canvas styled bags.


Sunglasses bring out your cool


We expected this to grab the top spot, although sunglasses came to a close second after socks; even though you’d assume that practicality would boost the accessories place to the top stop. Many mentions were pointed to untraditional shapes of glasses, with a lot of feedback stating that the more round shaped glasses are particularly stylish heading into this year’s summer months.
This can be backed with ray bans new range including many rounded styles of glasses over the past favoured and recently popular square shaped frames.
Tell us what you think can complete the perfect outfit for a day in the park!



Whats the most important item of clothing for the perfect park outfit?


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