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The Best Parks in Greater London

We always talk about the best houses near parks around London, but there are so many more on the outskirts that are perfect for a getaway that we’d thought it would be a great idea to list some of the best. From little parks hidden out of site on the south side of town, to some larger behemoths you could spend a day getting lost in, here are five parks we can certify as being YES material.

Lee Valley Regional Park

Lee Valley Regional Park
Up in Enfield, Lee Valley is a park that spans 10,000 acres. This is an incredible size considering how close it to London. Visit any day of the week and you will be promised an endless list of activities to get all the family involved with. There are *deep breath* an athletics centre, 18 hole golf course, velo park, hockey and tennis centre, ice centre, horse riding centre, white water rafting centre and mariner’s base. Basically, you name an activity and it’s an almost certainty they have a centre for it.

Whippendell Woods
Known for having a gorgeous display of bluebells in the late spring, Whippendell Woods is the perfect spot to go for a leisurely stroll at the weekend, without the crowded feeling you’d get on a common. There are five dedicated walks to follow through and is often noted as being a great place to go for a picnic. Of course if you’re like us and prefer to take the lazier option, there’s an M&S to get some sandwiches from when you get off the train at Watford Station.

Black Park Country Park

Black Park Country Park
The biggest park in Buckinghamshire country, Black Park is the ideal spot to go if you prefer a lengthy run or bike about. with dedicated routes that are suitable for anyone in to a bit of off road action. It’s also a good location to do some fishing for free. Head down at the weekend and you’ll usually see people sailing their own model boats too.

Chenies Manor
Get a bit of history under your belt with a visit to Chenies Manor. It’s a Tudor estate with a massive manor and well maintained gardens which have won numerous awards over the years. To see the esate though will mean getting your wallet out. Entrance to the house and gardens costs £7 for an adult and £4 for a child. It also has very slective opening hours so make sure to check online before attempting to visit.

splash park

Bexley Splash Park
It mightn’t be as far out as the other parks we’ve mentioned, but it is a godsend when you have the combination of a hot summer day and kids to keep cooled down. The splash park is a free park with a the largest free wet play area in the country with water jets, showers, bubble jets, tipping bucket and water cannons to tire the little ones out. Just remember to pack sunscreen if you’re visiting!

Now with some of these parks being on the outer reaches of town, it takes more than your Oyster card to get there, so make sure you have the right train ticket without having to pay too much on the day by booking ahead online. You’d be surprised how much you can save by simply searching your journey out online.