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Open Doors Like Never Before

Opening doors to the property ladder can be difficult. And when the door knobs themselves look just as pricey as the rest of an abode, it can add an increase in price that will yield an extremely positive change.

We’ve been looking at these designer knobs by a company called Haute Deco. They are based in London and deal exclusively in making these uniquely shaped and individually hand made pieces for all types of doors. We think they’ll be a great value added bonus for a house because the texture and feeling you’d get when opening a door would cause you to stop and assess what you’d just touched. It’s a great idea to have these if you’re planning on selling on a house and need something that will draw eyes to the parts of the room you normally wouldn’t examine when viewing a property.

The stone handles are the best to an added wow factor, but if you’re based in a house where it is a little more plush and focusses on soft furnishings, a diamond style handle wouldn’t look out of place.

Thanks to Bearwood Dixons lettings office for pointing this house in our direction.

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