Expensive Homes In The Boroughs Of London

London is known to have the most expensive and plush properties in the UK. Boroughs such as Kensington and Chelsea are attractive for many different reasons. They’re ideal for business commuters as they lie in close proximity to the cities business hub while they offer residents access to top schools, designer shops and unbeatable nightlife. Let’s take a look at some of these properties and find out why the stand out so much.

This 18th century property in Roehampton is finished to the highest specification. It was resorted and is now worth nearly £2 million. The building is unique and eye catching. The three round windows on the top landing gives the home a different character while the pond in the middle of the grounds are a nice centre piece.

Situated in Paddington, this two-bedroom apartment doesn’t come cheap. Once the work space of photographer Cecil Beaton, it will set you back around £1.5 million. The leafy suburb is popular with the rich and famous.

This is a one bedroom flat in Whitehall Court. This sought after building is situated near Whitehall between the renowned Horse Guards Parade and the Thames so no wonder you would need to fork out around £1.5 million for it. The finishings within the property are eye catching. The designer radiators by Trade Radiators modernise the traditional setting while the lights add further contemporary feel to the property.

Located in Chelsea, this one bedroom flat will set you back around £1.3 million.  The cream finishings make it a lovely place to relax and unwind. Other features include a live-in porter and a communal garden.

This new development in Westminster is called The Courthouse which was once the grounds of a magistrates’ court. Close by are the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey so its not surprising the starter price of these apartments are £660,000. The brown decking and open roof space make it a popular place to stay.

Another reason that boroughs such as Chelsea and Kensington are so expensive is due to the fact that they’re so popular. The price for a basic apartment in this area costs around £500 p/w so its a big outlay.

Ths property on Upper Wimpole Street shows the typical living of the top 1% in London. Whether you live in Marylebone, Chelsea, Westminster or Kensington, you’re bound to find a property that is ideally located and finished to the highest standard possible.